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Common Instances Where Rapid Prototyping is Required

by Nice Rapid | Nov 22,2021 | Rapid Prototyping

Most of the upcoming brands and entrepreneurs will always come looking for rapid prototyping services, they do so without even the slightest bit of information or idea of what is needed to fully handle their project.

In the past, most service providers and manufacturers were not forthcoming about the processes and techniques they use. But nowadays that's not the case; producers and manufacturers have to make a full case study on projects that they do. They also provide a wide range of options to their customers before they can finally decide which technique suits their project much better.

3D printing and rapid prototyping are just amongst one the numerous solutions they can provide when time and performance are an issue, it's important to get a sit-down with the client and get the full spectrum of their project on their end. Sometimes the manufacturer can accommodate their requests. More often the project will have to go through revisions.

3D printed composite parts

What's behind every manufacturing project?

The plain truth is that most technologically advanced software and machines are not needed when it comes to the creation of parts and products. 3D printing is not usually the perfect solution in some instances, at times rapid prototyping services are the solution as it will create molds as well as extended cast run within a short period.

Every manufacturing project boils down to its complexity, additionally, another factor is the size of the order. Let's say you require 1000 units of a single product, 3D printing is usually the go-to solution.

But if you need products but if you need something that has to fulfill specific quality-based specs on a low run, the overall production cost will be significantly reduced since there will be no creation of the mold. Any project that costs above five figures is quite expensive in the long run.

Dealing with issues arising from logistics

As you get more and more involved in your project, you'll get to know that logistics is an integral part of any success of a project. You must be flexible and adapt so as to conveniently handle any problem arising from issues to deal with logistics.

3D printing is key in reducing the overall production cost and the product will be tailor-made based on your specifications. But when it comes to performance it's an entirely different matter. The whole engineering process during the planning stage creates a clear roadmap.

After doing test runs on the prototype, you'll get to know where changes are needed. At the moment most rapid prototyping services are pretty flexible and accommodating, but there are other projects which require changes as you go along.

It's up to you to look around and come up with other ideas and alternatives if correction is needed. Keep in mind that rapid prototyping services are based on a scientific approach, but they tend to be very flexible.

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