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A Collection of Trade Secrets for CNC Machining Safety
by Nice Rapid | Apr 01,2021 | CNC Machining

Too many people take for granted the fact that CNC machining workshops have ongoing production cycles. The hard facts are that these companies have to comply with many safety measures before allowing their technicians to work on their projects. A lot has happened since the industrial revolution came along. In the present world, safety is important, not only for the worker’s body but also for his mind. Let’s read some trade secrets shared by a few professionals online:

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Physical and Mental Health

Your technicians need to be at the top of their game at all times, both mentally and physically. Many companies have a clear set of rules forfeiting the presence of their employees if their minds and bodies are not sharp as the tools they are going to handle. CNC machining is a work of precision, and as such, you can’t have a wandering mind or an ill body on the floor, affecting the output.

Wear The Full Safety Gears

CNC machining technicians cannot wear jewelry, loose clothes, and flammable accessories in any CNC machine workshop. Workers should be offered a kit with the safety gear required for their jobs, such as protective goggles, safety hats, gloves, comfortable shoes, or safety boots (for the love of God, do not wear crocs). Hair should be held in place with a rubber band and tucked inside the safety headgear.

Understand the Machining Process

Someone once said that if you placed 100 monkeys on typewriters, they would eventually create the whole body of work of William Shakespeare. Not only is this an offensive comparison these days, but it’s also an idea that illustrates the imperative need to have trained personnel to handle your equipment in any CNC workshop. Do not allow technicians to work unsupervised, and have your new technicians train under a senior member of the staff at all times until they are ready.

Work in a Clean Space

Keep things tidy in the workshop. You need to prevent slippages and dust from getting into the machinery. This will cause problems in the long run and render the tech ineffective. Make sure to remove waste such as plastic shreds, scrap metal, or any other particle that could prove to be a hazard.

Avoid Distractions

CNC machines are noise makers, but they are not distracting. Some workers like to listen to music while they work, which is not uncommon when they are experienced. Make sure they are using noise-canceling headphones. Never allow someone to work while listening to anything directly from their phone’s speaker. This will affect other team members and throw off their concentration.

Make Sure Someone Attends the CNC Machining Cycles at all Times

CNC machines can run for in 24 hours cycles without interruption. This doesn’t mean they should be left on their own. It is crucial to put a schedule on watch hours of eight hours to prevent restlessness of employees, which could lead to risks such as a shutdown or an explosion, you’re preventing in the first place.

Store Equipment and Hazardous Ingredients Safely

We should store every tool in a clean, safe box where workers cannot trip over them. If an item can ignite a flame or is hazardous, it should be placed in a convenient storage box marked as flammable or dangerous depending on what’s stored inside.

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