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Aluminum Extrusion and Its Five Common Applications

by Nice Rapid | Apr 23,2021 | Aluminum Extrusion

Like any other metal fabrication process, aluminum extrusion is also vital to many industries. The extruded metal is a popular material and the process is simple while rendering the material with more strength and stiffness.

The extruded material is also great-looking, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. These properties make the material ideal for plenty of applications. In this article, we are enumerating the five most common applications of aluminum extruded materials.

aluminum extrusions parts

The Aluminum Extrusion Process

When we talk about the aluminum extrusion process, imagine a material being pushed through an opening and then come out as a long piece with a uniform cross-section. It's like a toothpaste getting squeezed out of the tube.

It may sound simple in theory, but the reality is a little more complex. In aluminum extrusion, a billet of aluminum material is heated to around 900 degrees and loaded into a chamber.

In the chamber, a ram applied pressure to the material to flow through an opening. This opening has the impression of what the extruded metal would take on. It is a continuous process and could take on hundreds of feet of extruded metal.

Common Uses of Extruded Aluminum

The extruded aluminum has many characteristics that make it significant to plenty of industries. Aside from its strength and appearance, its electrical and thermal conductivity is also vital. Another favorable feature of this process is its cost. It costs far less than casting or molding and can do it in much less time.

Here are some of the most common applications of extruded aluminum:

1. Construction

The product from aluminum extrusion is commonly used in construction and architecture like in railing, building facades, balustrades, and bleachers. Its stiffness and lightweight are also perfect for making canopies as it does not hold much weight. Most ladders are made of aluminum extruded materials.

2. Display Equipment

Most of the stands that you see in trade shows are from aluminum extruded materials. That is because the pieces can interlock, which makes assembly easier and quicker. It can also have an attractive and strong appearance.

3. Electrical Systems

Another application for extruded aluminum is on busbars and other electrical equipment, In lighting, they are used as LED mounts as they are lightweight and can be mounted overheated. It is also employed as a support structure for solar panels. Being corrosion-resistant and strong combined with low mass is just right for roof-mounted panels.

4. Industrial

When you walk into manufacturing facilities you will instantly see how aluminum extrusion is used. It is the material of choice for workbenches, carts, inspection tables, and others. In some factories, aluminum extruded materials are used as frames for machine guarding.

5. Transportation

Weight is a major concern for transportation. From aerospace to automotive applications like trailers, you can find extruded materials because of their lightweight. Aside from that, its rust-resistant property and polish add functionality and aesthetic to RVs too.

Final Thoughts

If you think about aluminum extrusion, you will find its applications everywhere. Take a look around, and you'll see them across all applications because it is an aluminum extruded material that is extremely versatile.

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