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Additional Facts You May Not Know About CNC Machining

by Nice Rapid | Sep 06,2021 | CNC Machining

Want to learn more about CNC machining? Here, we are going to discuss some fun facts about this manufacturing technique.

CNC machining was once upon a time the toast of the manufacturing world until a shiny new came along in the form of 3D printing. However, don't discount CNC machining yet. It still has its place in the industry and offers plenty of benefits.

Fun Things About CNC Machining

CNC machining is the process where parts are machined based on the program given to the device. This program is a computer code created by a programmer. The word "CNC" means computer numerical control and works in the same fashion as a manufacturing robot.

There are different types of machines under the CNC machining umbrella that can make different parts. Aside from the type of machines, several axes determine the precision of the CNC machined parts.

In CNC machining, there is a central control that works with the various arms on different accesses. It allows the operator to create the part out of the block of material with several techniques, including the use of plasma and lasers.

In Case You Don't Know…

Did you know that 3D printers are CNC machines too? Yes, the latest technique that is quite popular nowadays, the 3D printer, belongs to CNC machining by definition. The printer that makes that part gets its instructions from a computer program in the same way as the CNC machines do.

This technique is popular in prototyping mainly because it can make prototypes quickly. It makes sure that everything comes out as intended based on the computer program. CNC machining can also be found in lathes. Before manufacturers can only use a limited number of materials in lathes but with CNC machining it can lathe out of different things in unlimited quantities.

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The People Behind CNC Machining

Despite being computer-controlled CNC machines cannot work without CNC operators and there are CNC programmers as well. These programmers are responsible for writing the codes that give instructions to the machines on what to do. Both are skilled individuals and experienced to run the process without a hitch.

When it comes to CNC machines there are quite a number of them. There are CNC routers, EDM machines, CNC milling machines, jet cutters, and many others. At the start, only large companies could afford these machines but as the technology advanced, it became affordable for small workshops as well.

The Future Looks Bright

As the quality of the machines greatly improved, it seems that CNC machining is here to stay. It is the most convenient technique compared to traditional machining. It has a higher level of precision than many other methods.

Materials are another driving factor why many people are choosing CNC machining. If the requirement is in high volume with a high level of precision and should be made of steel, there is no other option but to use CNC machining.

Some may think of CNC machining for small production runs only. But it is not necessarily correct. In some cases, it is still the most appealing option as it can complete the orders at a faster speed than manual machining.

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