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3D Printing Knowledge – A Quick List with the Most Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

by Nice Rapid | Apr 06,2021 | 3D Printing

The reach of 3D printing and sculpting is undeniable in the current era of manufacturing. These tools have become commonplace for many workshops worldwide, and many of them are innovating on top of the tech that is being released in a yearly turnout for the market. The industry had made itself more efficient by pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box.

The main issue with such fast-paced innovation is that it comes to a cost. The cost is the expected consequence of ongoing trial and error: you get mistakes in production cycles. Other nuances can come with your workshop working with untested technology or material they are not familiar with. In most industries, mistakes will happen, but in the manufacturing industry, a mistake can cost us a client's trust.

3D printed

Troubleshooting everything, especially when we are about to get started with a production cycle, is essential, but taking care of some of these issues will make your stance rock solid and erase delays from your 3D printing and modeling project. Let's get started with this brief countdown:

Get to Know the Materials You Are Working With

When you are handling 3D printing, you are working with a lot of different materials, most of them plastic polymers or fine resins. Although most of these raw components have their guidelines for use, getting to know about them from external sources can prove pretty helpful. With this first-hand insight, you'll be able to create anything you need by combining and mixing properties to get the best specs and fulfill your orders with success.

Do Some Digging on 3D Printing Technology

There are many 3D printers available in the market, and they are not created using one size fits all needs. Many of these devices can work with fine filaments. Others can work with 3D modeling software. There are more advanced devices that can handle metal and plastics. The best course of action is putting some extra work to get to know your project's primary needs and what suits you best.

Make Sure to Read your Software Guidelines

Every single 3D printer under the sun comes with a set of instructions that you either need to read entirely or train your technicians with. Do not skip this part of the process at all. Otherwise, you will be facing a wall thinking of cutting corners. Make time to get properly trained, your competitors may have gotten the same tech as you, but the one who can pull off the work without issues is the one who wins the race.

Keep in mind that even if this technology comes with basic settings preprogrammed, it's very likely that you will have to tinker with them to fulfill your manufacturing orders. Get the knowledge, avoid the issues, and you'll be unstoppable.

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